Custom Fence and Gate Installation

Life Time Fence has been designing and installing fence and gates in and around the Rocky Mountains for over three decades.  We partner with customers to help them tackle the hardest installation challenges.  Many repeat customers engage Life Time Fence for pre-

property fence picture

construction design consultation.

Is your property heavily sloped with varying pitches?  Does your property have rocks above and below ground?  How about densely packed trees and shrubbery?  Life Time Fence knows how to tackle the toughest terrain profiles and keep your fence and gates looking clean and aligned with the surroundings.  We have the right equipment and skilled crews to handle any geographically challenged projects involving natural vegetation and rocky terrain.

Do you have various fence elements you need blended together for a seamless and professionally designed fence?  Life Time Fence knows fence and how to make different material work well together.  Over the decades we have installed so many variations of commercial fence systems that your challenge or idea won’t stump us.  Chances are, we’ve already installed it!

Nothing wreaks havoc on a security gate like difficult terrain or building obstructions and tie-in requirements.  Time and time again, Life Time Fence has provided customers with a variety of options to meet their security gate needs.  From simple manual swing ranch gates, to extended length aluminum box frame full-cantilever actuated gates, to complex hydraulic powered vertical pivot gates, Life Time Fence installs them all.  We are the preferred gate provider for many local and national construction companies and access control integrators.

Does your fence and gate need to have a bold look to emphasize your company presence? Or do you want it to simply blend into the surroundings and not create a visual distraction?  Life Time Fence has designed and installed all types of bold, statement piece fence and gates.  We also know how make the fence and gates as minimal as possible while providing the maximum benefit.

Who doesn’t want a beautiful statement gate at the main entrance of their property?  Well, not everyone, but those that do, call Life Time Fence.  We have an extensive range of gate fabricating and welding capabilities, putting us right up there along side industry leading steel fabricators….and we are only a fence company!  Don’t be fooled by the rest, trust your custom gate fabrication to the experts that know how to design, fabricate and install your big, bold, statement gate.
Need that gate automated?  Need it tied into existing electrical service?  How about a turnkey installation to make the headache of being your own GC go away?
Life Time Fence offers all types of customer installation options to make your fence and gate project as easy as possible.

Call Life Time Fence and we will take care of you.