What to do? You’ve got a fence and need a gate. You’ve got a gate and need a fence. Their breaking into cars. Their vandalizing your property. Your property is pitched. Your neighbor is pissed. Or, you’ve simply got nothing. Not even a clue of what you want or need, except help.

Your problem is design. Unfortunately, many fence and gate applications aren’t straight forward. The land surrounding you is your first obstacle. What is the type of soil? Rocks on top and beneath the soil? Are there bodies of water to navigate or significant changes in grade?

Your problems may not stop there. What are the physical requirements of your fence or gate? Do you want it tall and strong or short and sparse? Is it holding out cattle or keeping in dogs? Is it for industrial security or commercial privacy? All these things determine how a fence is designed.

Last but not least is the aesthetics. Do you really care what your fence is made of so long as it surrounds the property? Lucky you! Most customers want a bit of style to their fence, like matching neighboring business’ iron picket fence. How about staring at a dull looking wildlife fence for the rest of your days on that large property? Nope? Neither would we. Your wildlife fence can have style and character and still do the job of keeping herds of deer and wildlife out (or in).

What happens when a company has been installing fence and gates for over 30 years? That company ends up installing most every time of fence and gate imaginable. Along the way they’ve helped customers vet the best applications and designs for the fence and gate they need. And when the customer defies reason or advice? Well we give them what they want, and that customer ends up learning a really good lesson in the process.


All these fence design challenges are easy conversations when you enlist the help of Life Time Fence. We know how to deal with your land, above and below. We know how to install a fence and (hopefully) keep everyone happy. Gates are a challenge, but not for us. We are the experts, the professionals and the only ones you should call. Free advice.

Call Life Time Fence and we will take care of you.