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Property Fences

No one understands the importance of securing property better than Life Time Fence.  We work with all types and sizes of customers to help design, install and maintain property fence.  Whether its a simple barbwire and t-post style property fence or elaborate chain link and physical barrier fence, Life Time Fence has installed it all.  We even have the experience and equipment to tackle projects in remote and difficult to reach areas that most fence installers cannot. Are you only outlining the boundary of your property? Life Time Fence can recommend a simple and cost effective solution for your property fence needs.  Do you have large cattle to keep in or out? Life Time Fence can design and install a fence strong enough to hold back the most aggressive cattle. Do you simply want to create a visibility barrier? Well, look no further, Life Time Fence has installed thousands of miles of fence, including screened and physical barrier fence.  Our property fence service includes demo and haul-off of any existing property fence you may have. Not all fence contractors have the ability to dispose of large amounts of discarded fence, however Life Time Fence has the equipment to take care of it all.

Do you have a difficult neighbor or land-lock issue creating challenges with property fence design and installation?  Life Time Fence has the knowledgeable staff with the right experience to make these situations less stressful for you.  We have helped neighbors accommodate each other’s needs and maintain property boundaries by installing fence systems that work for everyone.

In situations of high security property fence, Life Time Fence has the ability to mobilize quickly and satisfy your needs.  In some cases where a permanent property fence installation is not possible immediately, Life Time Fence can install a temporary fence for your property security while permanent installation is underway.

If your property fence needs include gates, you’re in luck, Life Time Fence specializes in property gates.  We have the experience to install all types of gates, from simple ranch or chain link manual gates to complex, large opening actuated pivot or full cantilever gates.  Our gates can be installed turnkey, meaning you don’t have to do any work. If you prefer to complete the finishing touches on your gate, such as custom pickets to match existing property fence, Life Time Fence can design and install a framed gate to meet your needs.

Is your property fence damaged or in need of repair?  Click here <link to fence and gate repair article> to find out more about how Life Time Fence can repair you property fence.

Call Life Time Fence.  We will take care of you.

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