Fence and Gate Repair

fence and gates repairLife Time Fence has the knowledge and experience to fix any damage to your fence, gate and even actuators.  Whether the damage is small or extensive, Life Time Fence can help. We have completed large repair projects on commercial and municipal properties after major storms such as replacing torn wind screen, replacing bent baseball backstop poles, and fixing gate frames and hinges.  In many cases the damaged fence is due to a vehicle collision. Life Time Fence can help you and/or your insurance appraiser determine the extent of the damage and possibly repair options. Even if you choose not to use Life Time Fence to repair your fence, we are always happy to provide free consultation and estimates.

In situations of high security, Life Time Fence also has the ability to mobilize quickly and repair your fence and gate.  Some gates, such as pivot or large aluminum, may require extensive repair and long lead time for replacement, along with any damage to actuators.  Customers in Evergreen should keep in mind that service call timing and completion of repair may not be possible within a short time frame. In these cases, Life Time Fence may have a temporary solution for your property security while permanent repairs are underway.

gate repairNo snow is too deep or hill is too steep for Life Time Fence.  We have the equipment necessary to tackle difficult to reach fence and gate for any sized repair.  Equipped with our own fleet of trucks, skid steers and digging equipment, we can handle it all.

Does your damaged fence or gate require custom fabrication?  Well you are in luck with Life Time Fence. We have a full scale fabrication shop capable of completing field or shop repairs on your damaged fence or gate.  We even have access to large scale steel fabrication facilities that can repair or replace bollards and any other steel structure that may have been damaged as well.

Is your fence simply old and worn and falling apart?  Is it leaning into your neighbor’s property? Life Time Fence in may have a solution for you.  Either full scale replacement or minor repair, Life Time Fence will provide options and estimates for any solution you may require.

Call Life Time Fence and we will take care of you.

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